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We asked sommeliers to talk about the most extravagant wine pairings in their restaurants. Conditions: luxurious, unusual Champagne and an unexpected dish for it.

Frederic Beigbeder: 'Wine is a good excuse to meet other people'

The editor of SWN, Olga Bebekina, discusses with Frederic his favorite Bordeaux wine, his private cellar, and his own brand of vodka.

Alignment of the Planets

The pandemic has turned out to be a blessing in disguise for Russian winemaking.

What you need to know about Russian terroirs

The hope to find a "Russian Bordeaux" on the map is being discussed more and more often. Farkhad Nagdaliyev, at the request of SWN, laid out our best terroirs: valleys, slopes, and hills.

Restaurants: Russia Nowadays

The team of SWN spoke with 50 restaurants from all over Russia, to try to find out how the industry was surviving in these conditions.

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